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Let's just get to the reach and flexibility shall we?

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Saytr 02/08/15: It is impossible to mac on Arthur, he's as bad as Garrus. It's like they actually have real jobs or something and I just get to faff around killing things all day.
Zealous 02/08/15: AAAauuuuughhhh why are the marriage events so completely random and ladies have to wait for a dude proposal before they can make a reverse proposal aaaauuuuugh


* Actual in game dialogue
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Saytr 02/04/15: In-game Vishnal is the only character that canonically loves you from the start of the story. If you take a lover that isn't him he will get sad and say that line. But to take him as a lover in-game would be to stand in the way of his truest dream to become a butler. Which in this universe is a super bad-ass thing to be. But he has to be single to do it. An in-game year has passed since our character arrived in Selphia. My head-canon for the relationship you make un-romantically with Vishnal is a more realistic and complicated one. Because if you really loved someone you would never want to make then choose between you and their dreams. And my head-canon is that you can become a real princess by marrying Arthur work hard to become a ruler that is epic enough to be worth the loyalty of a full super-hero-butler-Vishnal.
Zealous 02/04/15: He is a rather lousy cook though, but if you're a princess you can just hire a cook!

No thanks don't want to go to jail.

* Actual in game dialogue
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Saytr 02/02/15: In game he is your bestfriend's little brother. He is a dateable character... but of his dialogue just makes us feel UNCLEAN.
Zealous 02/02/15: Please let go Kiel I don't want your sister to kill me. Oh gods just take your cake and go.

Oh gosh I touched his hand titter titter.

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Saytr 01/30/15: You might think that Arthur is dull but he's the only dateable option in the game that follows normal social roles... IE is not a complete ASS to you... or like ten jeez Kiel.
Zealous 01/30/15: It's sort of like dating myself if I had a REALLY good job.

Dang Egyptian Japanese kitsune sort of cat Pharoah dude

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Saytr 01/28/15: Face it Dylas and Leon may be the hottest guys in the game, but they're just not that into you.
Zealous 01/28/15:I am fairly certain that Leon can only interact with others via extreme Sassiness.

Clearly the Prince is a genius.

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Saytr 01/26/15: When you buy a forge you carry it OVER YOUR HEAD through town... And then all the villagers act surprised when they hear your magical-who-ha-secret. My headcanon is that Prince Arthur figured that shit out AGES ago before you ask him out.
Zealous 01/26/15:
"Would you like me to send this 7 ton forge made of mortered brick and iron to your farm?"
"No ma'am I'll carry it out."

My butler forever it is decided.

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Saytr 01/23/15: Face it Vishnal is the prettiest girl in the game... who also just happens to be a guy but we don't care we LOVE IT


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Saytr 01/21/15: Online dating is HARD

Rune Factory 4 Sexy Ladies

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Saytr 01/19/15: Kiel or Klie or whatever the fuck his name is is also a datable option but he looks like he's five so who the fuck cares
Zealous 01/19/15: Forte. When any other option is available why would you choose anyone else?

The fanciest of arranged dishes.

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Saytr 01/17/15: You know in real life there are dialogue options for this.
Zealous 01/17/15: It's really surprising how many problems this particular option can fix. Also seriously Doug go home no one likes you.