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Just gotta poke the hooves through the bottom. PERFECT

Saytr 12/22/14: Old comic is old, back when Zelly had purple hair.
Zealous 12/22/14: Happy Yule how about a two year old comic I just found eh? Difference being I have black hair now of course. Still appropriate considering my parents bought me new socks.

Kimchi day is a very dangerous day.

Saytr 12/21/14: Everything stinky goes into Kimchi
Zealous 12/21/14: Christmas Kimchi?

Sphinx Saytr is actually fairly appropriate characterization.

Saytr 12/05/14: And I don't like puzzles either.
Zealous 12/05/14: Not unless they are saucy puzzles.

Starbucks mermaids have easily quelled anger.

Saytr 11/28/14: I feel like the punch line is always that we are crabby bitches...
Zealous 11/28/14: More hanging out in Dallas Comics.

At least when it comes to the warm spectrum.

Saytr 11/23/14: Yes a pomegranite is totally traveling food.
Zealous 11/23/14: Some backed up comics getting put up so we can catch up to the current events! We stopped in Dallas on the way to New Mexico to catch up with an old friend!

The Lonely Spiral

Saytr 11/21/14: Sort of an artistic intepretation of being without Zealous (living apart due to work and familial obligations) and slowly going into a very really and very bad depression as various friends attempt to cheer me up. Every character depicted is someone's avatar.
Zealous 11/21/14: It fascinates me that people still regularly read this comic considering our habit of having month long unscheduled hiatuses when we have sudden and severe life crises. But we finally have a scanner again so expect more comics again!


Saytr 10/11/14: DocGeek visited us back when we were in Florida and brought us the gift of sexy coffee! We were, of course, perfect ladies the whole time.
Zealous 10/11/14: Ahh, finally settled into a new place. The greatest of gifts, sexy coffee.


Saytr 09/06/14: For all of us that are non-believers that Belle would still love the Beast after he turned into a boring mundane vanilla mortal guy. Also I might have beef with what that fable teaches children about relationships.
Zealous 09/06/14: I had to retype and rearrange "beauty" so many times that now I keep thinking it's wrong some how.

Sad story yo.
Sad story yo.
Sad story yo.

Zealous 08/24/14: This is an explanation of December through to July, so now you are up to date! Mostly.


Saytr 08/18/14: And SIX MONTHS LATER I made a pillow out of it.
Zealous 08/18/14: Haha missed another week it's not like we're moving cross country AGAIN OR ANYTHING HAHA