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Everyone do the Liefeld twist!

Saytr 08/02/14: DAMN YOU if you've EVER imagined me in ruffle-butt underwear!
Zealous 08/02/14: Does my lingerie include cute lacey arm warmers? Yes. Yes it does. Oop, seems I missed a week there too.

Baked donuts and wine, things have spiralled out of control.

Saytr 07/22/14: Florida is lonely and smells like Eggs
Zealous 07/22/14: It does and it is.

Hang on let get on my CG monster dog here...

Saytr 07/13/14: Screw a pony I want a warg. Also in the books wargs are sentient and can talk common... so yeah..............fuck ponies!
Zealous 07/13/14: Wargs in the books are pretty cool because they're sentient and actively sadistic toward other races, which is why they hang out with goblins.

How are even supposed to read a book.

Saytr 07/06/14: Yea wow, do you remember books? I forgot, I blocked college out of my memory.
Zealous 07/06/14: For me I can never figure out how you're supposed to hold it so you don't hurt your neck, or your wrists, and if you lay on your back an stare up at it you're getting the light in your eyes. UGH Books are hard.

Alternatively: Effing cold yo.

Saytr 06/24/14: May in CT is marginally colder than FL in winter, so I had to swing by the thrift store for an ugly sweater.
Zealous 06/24/14: Starring the ugly rainbow blanket and my fold out bed.

Mermaid bondage: nets.

Saytr 06/15/14: Sky as a mer-deer telling racy stories to buddhist nun Saytr. I don't like how apt that comparison is.
Zealous 06/15/14: Ah, such tales of debauchery, ah such things!

Double kumqaut sunshine shining golden lucky.

Saytr 06/07/14: they were the lunar new year stamps with two kumquats on them..........;.;
Zealous 06/07/14: Shoot, those were such easy stocking stuffers too.


Saytr 05/30/14: Literally the sexiest thing any sperm producing person can say.
Zealous 05/30/14: It's REALLY up there on the list!

All Natural weed control.

Saytr 05/15/14: The wenches are in your lawn making wine from your dandelions!
Zealous 05/15/14: We have honestly never had any problems with wild flowers, funny that.

Just shove a whole bunch of mud and goop up in your hair, make it happen.

Saytr 04/27/14: Yea it makes it better that it drips man-thing-swamp-thing chunks all over the place and my work. I'm an adult I can be a mess if I want.
Zealous 04/27/14: And then it dries into a bunch of little crumby bits that pretty much end up everywhere also.