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You can tell it's real Saytr because of the lack of horns.

Saytr 04/16/14: I am tired of drawing myself also all the animals pile on me whenever I am still, cat against my face/keyboard is not an exageration.
Zealous 04/16/14: The animals like pile together, it's really adorable and also very warm.

Two weird talking animals get snacks in New York City China Town.

Saytr 04/07/14: Yes, we are totally holding hands and you would be too because Chinatown is kind of scary and super crowded.
Zealous 04/07/14: I miss those buns and bubble tea and noodles and candy~

John Williams soundtrack to my life please.

Saytr 03/26/14: You are the Princess to my Scoundrel!
Zealous 03/26/14: I like you BECAUSE you're a soundrel~

A story older than tiiiiiiime

Saytr 03/24/14: This comic in honor of two people who met at an auction for my work, got together and then named their baby after me.......and IF THAT WONT MAKE YOU CRY I don't know what will.....
Zealous 03/24/14: The sign reads "Serenity", art is a powerful medium isn't it?

The coyote and the llama simultaneously grab the saytr

Saytr 03/20/14: But there's like no crosswalks in NYC Chinatown also those are fresh longans you don't understand
Zealous 03/20/14: The cross walk was only like 10 feet away seriously OMG what makes Lunar New Year even better a trip to the emergency room HAHAHAHA STOP THAT.

Zealous 03/13/14:In honor of one of the most ridiculous winters we have ever seen, I beg thee! Click the green buttoooooooooon! And then the red one if you want to pause it.

Just walking through a corridor of white, in a white landscape.

Saytr 03/06/14: I hate snow, I hate shoveling, I hate that the side walks become a bob sled tunnel of doom all winter.
Zealous 03/06/14: It was more than 24 hours during a pretty bad blizzard before we had a plow go by. Just, ridiculous.

The llama's roots are actually mostly grey.

Saytr 03/01/14: Funny story, we bought that glass teapot, warmer, coaster set and glass cups for Brother Bear years apart forever ago... we requisition them every time we visit.
Zealous 03/01/14: NO ONE CAN KNOW

Being an adult on our own rules.

Saytr 02/19/14: This is what heaven looks like. Also we might be reading manga in a colonial graveyard.
Zealous 02/19/14: Chilling out by the graphic novels and manga section of the library like the classy ladies we are.

Confetti and glitter EVERYWHERE

Saytr 02/15/14: And much tea was had! At the end of the day we all passed out wondering why there was confetti in our hair.
Zealous 02/15/14: Noodles and candy and buns and tea!

Satan's dandruff

Saytr 02/10/14:I came to visit just in time for two blizzards, you know, because I totally missed shoveling snow.
Zealous 02/10/14: Getting tired of digging out my car now, thank you Winter.

Saytr 2/05/14: If you think this video is silly, just imagine how silly it looked walking around alone and talking to a tiny cherry red laptop pressed against my face.
Zealous 02/05/14: Trying to get updates going again, been pretty busy with life.

I just wanted to animate the lantern really.

Saytr 11/30/13: Welcome to Oz.
Zealous 11/30/13: One of the best secrets of the Emerald City of Oz is that it isn't actually green. Every person is just forced to wear a set of green glass goggles including the normal inhabitants. This ridiculous, over elaborate scheme just to make sure that they can keep that absurd title. And AND the best part is that the city is actually encrusted with every sort of gem and crystal, gold and silver, the whole thing! But because of the lens, they all just look like the stereotypical emerald. The wizard was pulling some serious fantasy inception shenanigans.

Madness beckons and calls you forth

Saytr 11/27/13:They'll look these up and say, "oh yea, all of the signs were there". Those neon cheery red half finger gloves are courtesy of my siblings, thanks guys!
Zealous 11/27/13:Just make sure not to open the door which leads to the strange time and place, nor to invite Him Who lurks at the threshold. Otherwise, we're probably okay.

You're not HELPING my cause!

Saytr 11/25/13:Screw your chocolate and your lame-ass whiny cuddles.
Zealous 11/25/13:We only tackle the most serious of issues here.

Pretty much every evening.

Saytr 11/21/13:Because GOD FORBID I have to feed myself.
Zealous 11/21/13:This particular exchange usually ends with me warming up rice to eat with pickles. Because pooooovertyyyyyy.


Saytr 09/20/13:Admittedly, I give the dog the yogurt container because it's cute when he struggles.
Zealous 09/20/13:Haha, oh living in the country. There is literally nothing more entertaining.

The country is beautiful and melancholy.

Saytr 09/7/13:It is nice to be out in the country, but sometimes it is sad and lonely. Also, those are brown sugar plums from Ichiban in China Town NYC... my first born to ANYONE that can send me more!
Zealous 09/7/13:Thank you incense for stopping the bugs from devouring my apparently delicious flesh. I swear before I came I had pretty darn flawless skin. :<

Saytr 08/31/13:We had avacado smoothies immediately.
Zealous 08/31/13:Verily it was a font of avacadoes and the wenches did dine upon their rich fatty flesh because they are hippy vegetarians that have no qualms with eating mysterious box fruit.

Excitement abounds in the Wench household.

Saytr 08/30/13:I just can't bring myself to throw out avacado seeds... especially not with the cost of avacadoes! One day I will have an army of avacado trees.
Zealous 08/30/13:For me, replace the tree with a pot of water, because apparently EVEN WATER BOILS SLOWER HERE.