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Saytr 08/28/13:Art and manic depression go together like peas and carrots.
Zealous 08/28/13:A common yoga pose among artists is 'kyom maim paresana', or as it is known in the west, "WHY DO I BOTHER EVERYTHING I DO IS TRAAAAAASH".

The wenches discuss finances.

Saytr 08/23/13:Even though we live in Florida where they are GROWN, organic avacadoes are still $3.00 each! FOR SHAME.
Zealous 08/23/13:Not even sure how this is possible, this is the exact same price they are up in Connecticut. That just doesn't make even a tiny iota of sense.

The llama eats pickles and cries over art.

Saytr 08/21/13:Oh Odysseus, dally not in the land of the lotus eaters.
Zealous 08/21/13:Things I have cried over: lunchmeat, breakfast cereal, icecream, anthropomorphic fantasy Feudal Era Japanese geisha arthropods prepared in kinbaku knots and flowers, hotdogs.

Saytr used Radish Aura, Zealous used Run Away, Can't escape!

Saytr 08/19/13:For anyone that doesn't eat pickled radishes I will let you in on a little secret... They kinda stink.
Zealous 08/19/13:She stayed outside until the stank started to disipate some.


Saytr 08/16/13:I love the sound of whip creme in an aerosol can, it's like the sound of a tiny rocket leaving orbit.
Zealous 08/16/13:I cannot tell you how long I fought with this image, trying to get the scan to look alright. It was at least an hour. I really wish we had a legitimately good scanner, this kind of thing is really disheartening.

It was that colour also, it didn't help the situation.

Saytr 08/14/13:Saytr can recommend a great recipe for fermented onions, garlic and oranges guaranteed to keep away aphids... and anyone else with a nose.
Zealous 08/14/13:The waves of stink were palpable, like an oily funk that hung in the air and clung to clothing like a demented chimpanzee.

Story of my life.

Saytr 08/12/13:Accurate representation of sharing a living space with Saytr.
Zealous 08/12/13:Yes. Very accurate, except that it leaves out the other cat and the dirt/moss sanitizing in the oven/microwave. Also that knot rope in the dog's mouth getting swung around wildly knocking things off of shelves and tables.

Tee Hee.

Saytr 08/09/13: Irony~
Zealous 08/09/13: Here you are my dear, a lovely carrot for your stew.
But it's so big! It will take me all night to prepare!
Plenty of time my sweet, plenty of time.

SaytrMermaid is just not having this right now, it's too silly.

Saytr 08/07/13: Drawn, inked and coloured at Starshmucks. This is what happens when you give Saytr caffeine.
Zealous 08/07/13: We do so much business work at Starshmucks it's crazy.

It's a lollipop but it reminds me of the eyebone from Don't Starve.

Saytr 08/05/13: It was all well and good until we needed to reach something from the top shelf in the kitchen...
Zealous 08/05/13: I was starting to get some pretty serious back issues or at least, I was starting to seriously complain about back issues. I have a real chair now! It's one of those ergonomic kneeling chairs. It is so niiiiiiice. Incidentally, that's the first real desk I've had in almost 10 years.

Excellent for the winter.

Saytr 08/02/13: Can you tell we've only unlocked two characters? I do like that dapper red vest though.
Zealous 08/02/13: Tee hee.

Like a dagger to a hobbit.

Saytr 07/31/13: Incidentally, all of my shorts are capri length.
Zealous 07/31/13: Yea ponchos.

The perils of internet friendship.

Saytr 07/26/13: We miss your coffee I MEAN YOUR COMPANY
Zealous 07/26/13: I need it nooooooow, it is a luscious beverage.

Gallivanting outside like a hedonist.

Saytr 07/24/13: Saytr is wild and crazy when Zelly is not around.
Zealous 07/24/13: We are WILD AND CRAZY GUYS

Om crunch nom narf snarf snowpeas crunch.

Saytr 07/22/13: Being gluten intolerant, vegetarian and allergic to corn sometimes leads to interesting choices for food while traveling.
Zealous 07/22/13: We are the best train travelers ever.

Om nom flan recipe why do you tempt me.

Saytr 07/19/13: As a kid I only got them in my christmas stocking but here in Florida they are super cheap!
Zealous 07/19/13: Circus Moozak doot doot doodle oodle oodle doot doot doodle oodle oodle...

What a handsome young man.

Saytr 07/17/13: I'M NOT TRANSEXUAL I JUST HAVE NO BOOBS and make unfortunate haircut/wardrobe choices. FtMs are, on the whole, better dressed then me.
Zealous 07/17/13: Looks really darn good in a pinstrip suit though!

Six (Mostly) Sexless Months.

Saytr 07/15/13: See? Crazy Town!
Zealous 07/15/13: I spent this period becoming increasingly more reclusive and antisocial. Honestly, I feel like I forgot how to talk at some point and now I'm just jabbering in some incomprehensible pidgin of medical coding and English. In addition I pretty much lived entirely on rice and beans because RAMEN WAS TOO EXPENSIVE. I want you to look at that sentence and understand the severity of it. TRULY understand it. I think I only survived because friends and family would occasionally take pity on me and buy me some tofu or plate of fallafel and hummus. PS, Florida is mad buggy yo.

What it looks like before being cropped.

Saytr 07/10/13: Done in a pocket moleskine!
Zealous 07/10/13: Comics amidst notes, calendars, reminders and recipes.

Duck butt, mop. Mop, duck butt.

Saytr 07/01/13: This is why I don't draw my character with hair anymore, because I am constantly making poor hair choices.
Zealous 07/01/13: AAHHHH FLORIDA OKAY WE'RE HERE NOW APPARENTLY... The comics for the next couple weeks will technically be a month or two (or three) old but we'll need to work through it. Still relevant for the most part. IE her hair is still crazy.