Zealous Current:Archives are being made available a little bit at a time.

An accurate description of the last three months.

Saytr 06/15/13: Yep.
Zealous 06/15/13: indeed.

Fridge Art Saytr is just as grumpy.

Saytr 06/01/13: Brother Bear is just lucky he didn't have any magnet poetry on his fridge.
Zealous 06/01/13: Try imagining the angry eyebrows are a nose and the horns are eyes. Weird eh?

The Saytr has difficulty with the cold.

Saytr 05/30/13: Why is your state so stupid cold.
Zealous 05/30/13: The world may never know.

HAhahaha ahhhh stupid May.

Saytr 05/15/13: Ho there my fellows, it appears to be a brisk 50 degrees out here, time to get the shorts out and have myself a jog!
Zealous 05/15/13: Connecticut people are a little crazy I think.

At least until he can hold his head up, I think.

Saytr 05/10/13: But I want to be his favorite badass auntie now!
Zealous 05/10/13: How much longer until he can play videogames..!

A baby happened to Brother Bear.

Saytr 05/01/13: Clan Brother Bear has increased in size by one baby.
Zealous 05/01/13: I still feel pretty mystified by the whole situation

Imagine three months of this.

Saytr 04/30/13: Saytr has not been exciting throughout the time we were offline.
Zealous 04/30/13: When skyping with Saytr, this is basically the gist of every conversation for the last few months.

Sort of like a giant twitchy cotton ball.

Saytr 01/09/13: They look exactly like stuffed animals.
Zealous 01/09/13: Also tiny little fluffy angora bunnies.

Farms are strange places.

Saytr 01/04/13: There was a rescue farm in Virginia that I worked in for awhile, everything was adorable there. Lots of tiny misfit animals.
Zealous 01/04/13: Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, welcome back to business as usual! The Saytr has returned from her cross country jaunt so we can get back to comicing.


Saytr 12/05/12: *Attending to Family Business*
Zealous 12/05/12: Fun times with sheep! Poor adorbz terrified sheep, they are very silly to wrangle.

Real talk with Saytr and marshmellow dog.

Saytr 11/30/12: *Attending to Family Business*
Zealous 11/30/12: The Saytr continues to be abroad, and I continue to be really rather bad at keeping things up to date. Honestly I think it's a defensive mechanism I developed when the comic backlog was in short supply.

Omitted is the first part where he stares intently at us for 10 to 20 minutes.

Saytr 11/23/12: We can't have nice things...
Zealous 11/23/12: We live by his tyranny.

Strap-ons don't make you gay, its what you do with them that counts.

Saytr 11/19/12: SOOOOOOOoooOOooooo
Zealous 11/19/12: Keeping it real. REAL GAY.

Don't let him fool you the marshmellow dog never misses a meal, thats why the wenches are skinny.

Saytr 10/17/12: UUUuuuuuhhhhhaaaa BAGS OF TANGERINES FOR THE WIN
Zealous 10/17/12: Look at those eyes, the eyes of sincerity!

The Saytr comes home with a bag of rocks she purchased in a store.

Saytr 10/10/12: But they were on sale!
Zealous 10/10/12: The excitement was infectious, I nearly forgot about everything else on the list.

Wherein the Saytr goes shopping and acquires outrageously red envelopes.

Saytr 10/08/12: But they were on sale!
Zealous 10/08/12: The excitement was infectious, I nearly forgot about everything else on the list.

And then she just drilled the screw back out again like it whatn't a thang.

Saytr 10/05/12: O U C H
Zealous 10/05/12: All I heard was an "Oh!", the sound like someone would make if they just noticed the glasses they were looking for were just on their head.

A scowl is just a smile turned upsiOH GODS I'M SORRY STOP HITTING ME

Saytr 10/03/12: >:|
Zealous 10/03/12: Pretty similar to the satyr version aside form the pants. And also hooves I guess. Emoting is a strange human behavior that the Saytr has difficulty with at times.

The comic in which the llama has dyed her hair purple.

Saytr 10/01/12: Ew gummi worms. Nothing those colors could possibly be edible.
Zealous 10/01/12: Yup, totally dyed my hair purples. And I have about a 5 pounds of sour gummi worms which are the BEST GUMMI WORMS ALSO DSi.


Saytr 09/17/12: Saytr is everyone's workout fairy, the fairy that guilts you for staying inside when it's beautiful out!
Zealous 09/17/12: PS there is a little in joke for me in this that the Saytr didn't even realize ie the navigation frame for her Art Page is actually named SatyrNavi. TeeheeNerdhumorteehee