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You know you want it.

Saytr 09/05/12:Zealous just told me what a wing boner was and I felt compelled to draw it!
Zealous 09/05/12:Goodness me! What wonderfully ridged and contoured flight feathers~<3

Sweden's great magic.

Saytr 08/24/12:Prolong the Saytr's life, donate to the stepladder fund today!
Zealous 08/24/12:Pity us that live in the home of tall people.

Wine glasses not pictured here.

Saytr 08/15/12:Suki is totally about boy love, don't even tell any different. Although if it makes you feel better just put 'Wish' there instead. That's DEFINITELY boy love.
Zealous 08/15/12:DON'T JUDGE ME... and ignore that giant pile of Loveless beside the bed...

Those levels aren't going to grind themselves.

Saytr 08/13/12:Not to be confused with, though it share similar symptoms with, Skyrim-itis.
Zealous 08/13/12:Wench in the Gears, bringing you the best in months-out-of-date-videogame-jokes.

The Satyr and llama are completely wasted on a giant bed.

Saytr 08/10/12:I did not make up that sheet color, promise.
Zealous 08/10/12:Seriously, it's an utter waste.

The llama is giving the satyr a severe look regarding her comic progress.

Saytr 08/03/12:You always forget something.
Zealous 08/03/12:So much purple hair do I have now.

Don't worry, it isn't communicable at this stage.

Saytr 07/23/12:Being on the internet for too long will make you blind.
Zealous 07/23/12:Severe penis-itis affects thousands of young people and artists each year. Please give generously, as hand lotion is very expensive to buy in bulk.


Zealous 07/11/12:AAAHHHHHHHHH

Delicate ladies and their adorably wretched little dogs do not run.

Saytr 06/27/12:Real dogs don't prance. >:|
Zealous 06/27/12:The leash is really just for show, I think I could still catch him even with a 2 hour head start.