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In which a black and tan dog is pelted with limes.

Saytr 06/25/12:It was less funny after the $200 vet bill.
Zealous 06/25/12:It was all of the limes in the house, I knew we should have used lemons but she wouldn't listen.

In which the Saytr runs from a bicycle at speed.

Saytr 06/20/12:Ancient Racing Bikes are nobodies friends.
Zealous 06/20/12:*Benny Hill Theme*

The dark rainy miasma of my black hearted soul.

Saytr 06/18/12:I'm going to go out and buy eye liner.
Zealous 06/18/12:I just want it to be gelled straight up in the air at all times.

Oh ho ho, what an embarrassing situation for our plucky heroes!

Saytr 06/15/12:There appears to be a tea pot arms race in the herd household!
Zealous 06/15/12:Teapot Envy.

Be cool man be cool just stay cool.

Saytr 06/06/12:4 Vineyards in one day WOOOOOOOO Also act sober for the border patrol and stumble into the coutnry store to buy hard boiled eggs.
Zealous 06/06/12:Another Saytr-in-Arizona comic!

Can you find all the hidden objects?

Saytr 05/25/12:*Busy Being Busy*

But mummy there's a goat lady sleeping on the floor!

Saytr 05/23/12:World class traveler.
Zealous 05/23/12:Pretty par for the course with our method of traveling.

If that wasn't where she wanted them, she should have been more specific.

Saytr 05/14/12:People always think they want their dogs to bring their slippers to them in the morning...
Zealous 05/14/12:Those people that want a smart dog don't realize that smart things are often sarcastic.

Sadly, he wished it was a sweet potato.

Saytr 05/05/12:Weep ye for the dogs of vegetarians.
Zealous 05/05/12:Especially vegetarians at the poverty line.

Squirrels bit the tree, and the Saytr bit the Squirrels.

Saytr 04/20/12:The squirrels attacked one of my bonsai and nibbed off sevveral important pieces. :C
Zealous 04/20/12:I have to admit this was a lot of fun to do. PS: the kanji may be iffy because I only spend 45 minutes translating Japanese when moneys are involved. XD