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Different but no less photo worthy than a Kodak Moment.

Saytr 04/11/12:Saytr was having a "Mean Moment".
Zealous 04/11/12:I painted my nails (silver) for PAX mostly just for fun and because I hadn't had an excuse to do it in awhile... and I starting uncontrolably singing that song... At least it wasn't the theme to The Last Unicorn.

Seventh Generation, now available in Koala Butt and Tofu Flatulence scents.

Saytr 04/09/12:I really don't want him to answer that question.
Zealous 04/09/12:BACK FROM PAAAAAAAAAAaaax. It was awesome, so very awesome. I wish I could put it into better words than that right now but I'm still recovering. WOOooo!

There may be one or two small differences.

Saytr 04/02/12:Me and my marshmellow peep dog. (The difference is boots).
Zealous 04/02/12:With his luck our marshmellow peep dog would only be fed unrefined, non-bleached organic fairly traded sugars.

Some ponies are actually getting things done.

Saytr 03/30/12:It seems much less epic when I mention that I had it on my back while on and off the trains. XD
Zealous 03/30/12:She caught me! 8O And now she puts me in my place with an awesome pony comic to cap off this week long pony parade!

Saytr is the only thing keeping this from being nothing but Pokemon and My Little Ponies.
Only a minor set back on the road to SCIENCE.
There are few problems it does not fix.

Saytr 03/28/12:*In Florida*
Zealous 03/28/12:This update is a double one (I hope to have another one up for Friday but if not, this will have to serve). But yes, it is also for Decolour and Darias's anniversary! I wanted to draw their Pony OCs and this sort of clicked. The pale grey/purple one is Tea Stain and normally is depicted with a vest... er... but I completely forgot it while I was drawing so I apologize deeply! The grey and tawny coloured pony is Wrench Turner, and I didn't have a really good image of his cutey-mark so I sort of fudged it with obscuring elements. I think it's just two interlocked gears, but getting someone's pony OC wrong is a pretty big faux pas. XD I promise to draw them in a more lighthearted way too, but these two ideas just jumped in my head and I HAD TO DRAW THEM. Also I think I'm getting better at ponies. Also I promise to remember the vest as well. 8|

Saytr is the only thing keeping this from being nothing but Pokemon and My Little Ponies.
Just wanna nuzzle into that henna coloured metro tussle hair.

Saytr 03/28/12:*In Florida*
Zealous 03/26/12:The parade of bad proportions and terrible pony artwork continues! Bonsai handles the garden for Tea Light, mostly because Bonsai is better at it than Tea, but also because Bonsai is adorable when puttering around working in the yard. Maybe if I do this long enough I'll remember how to draw? Oh, more Pony OC nonsense, Bonsai and Tea Light maintain a tea shoppe as well. Bonsai collects unusual and exotic things to grow and Tea Light maintains the shop interior and does prep work.

Saytr is the only thing keeping this from being nothing but Pokemon and My Little Ponies.
Tea and tea preparation related magics.

Saytr 03/23/12:*In Florida*
Zealous 03/23/12:Based on a tea tin on our tea shelf, that is full of fancy tea.

Saytr is the only thing keeping this from being nothing but Pokemon and My Little Ponies.
Bonsai approaches serenity as she approaches life, aggressively.

Saytr 03/21/12:*In Florida*
Zealous 03/21/12:Double stupid Zealous-drawn pony update!! Bonsai and Camellia Light, Tea Light to her friends, shall amuse you with OC pony nonsense. Hopefully I'll have one more for Monday and perhaps another for Wednesday if I'm really on the ball. Bonsai is the pony OC of the Saytr's and Tea Light is mine, although My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

We interupt your regularly scheduled debauchery.

Saytr 03/14/12:*In Florida
Zealous 03/14/12:Tangerines and teabags.

I'm not sure I can fathom what they THOUGHT was going to happen.

Saytr 03/07/12:It would be funny to portray my character as a tiny pack-goat but I really did look just like that. When I run out of space in my backpack I just tie shit to it.
Zealous 03/07/12:Those bags are from a fancy little China Town analogue to Teavana... but on our return trip we found a tiny organic tea shop with even better prices. Both are wonderful for their own reasons, and all of the tea in China Town is LEAPS and BOUNDS better than anything sold in America that we've found.