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The Gazelle has become irate at the overwhelming amount of tea related shenanigans on this trip.

Saytr 03/05/12:But we're HERE for the tea! Because when you're gluten intolerant in China Town there is no other purpose to be there than for the tea!
Zealous 03/05/12:Tea and buns, noodles and dumplings... I'm not sure what else you're supposed to do in China Town..?

Not pictured is the tiny child used as bait for the lion dancers.

Saytr 03/02/12:We're still finding confetti in our clothes.
Zealous 03/02/12: More comics from our New Year's trip to see the Lions and Dragon dancing through the streets of China Town New York. Mott street is awesome and of the most fantastic fooOOOoood I want to be there noooOOOoooow..! I want to eat 80 cent bunssSSSs

Metro to New York, no pictured: pretty much a lot of filth and urine smell.

Saytr 02/27/12:I usually put a twenty in my other boot but that's not nearly as badass sounding.
Zealous 02/27/12: The herd plus a bevy of other peeps all went to see the running of the dragon in China town. And you get to see the comics that occurred on the way to and from the China Town shenanigans.

I wish that was the first and LAST time this happened...

Saytr 02/24/12:Decolour is a saint that occasionally takes pictures of things for us back home and scans our character sheets.
Zealous 02/24/12: You don't understand, this was one of MY character sheets... you have to copy/print the back and front IN COLOUR otherwise it loses effectiveness from my technicolour note method.


Zealous 02/22/12: Last one of those super tiny doodles.

Please move your feet out from under my butt. No.

Saytr 02/20/12:*Rimshot*
Zealous 02/20/12: Wakka Wakka.

The Satyr has stuffed the lemon bars in her mouth and the llama is jealous.

Saytr 02/13/12:All baked goods are forfeit unto me! HOM A OM NOM OM GROM OM
Zealous 02/13/12: Gluten free lemon bars are a rare and majestic beast... That's alright it's not like I want delicious gluten-free shortcrust lemon bars direct from a culinary arts student's kitchen. 8|

It's our own fault for not having a doorbell.

Saytr 02/06/12:We knew you guys were coming... THAT'S how we knew.
Zealous 02/06/12: It's more a matter of, "Who else would actually moosh their breasts against our door?".

There needs to be a Woodstock font for word processors.

Saytr 02/03/12: |||||||\\\|\\\|||
Zealous 02/03/12: ///////\\||||/\||

Gritty Kitty.

Saytr 02/01/12:I forgot to inform them that the same applies if I find feathers twigs or gravel. Apparently it is too late to add that one to the contract.
Zealous 02/01/12:This is what happens when you have an electric blanket in a house full of cats.