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Welcoming the new roommates New England style, continued

Saytr 12/09/11: Even a FOOT of snow seems like a lot when you're SHORT. D:
Zealous 12/09/11: PS: The Satyr's birthday is tomorrow!!! Also this comic obviously happened two months ago. XD

That's New England's way of saying welcome!

Saytr 12/07/11: New England welcomes you with a foot of snow and rain! :D :D
Zealous 12/07/11: Arrived in the middle of the rain..! Hurray the official arrival of our roommates!

After the 5th time, the Satyr finally figured out the llama's secret.

Saytr 12/02/11: Fortunately we finally rectified that situation by buying new soap and by getting dishes... now I never have to do my own fair share of dishes again! WOO!
Zealous 12/02/11: Being allergic to soap is stupid.

Don't make me hurt you, Cellphone.

Saytr 11/30/11: Not. Nearly. Enough.
Zealous 11/30/11: There was a few weeks there where every time the phone rang, everyone cringed... Once again, I love that marshmellow dog.

That is the cutest little marshmellow dog ever.

Saytr 11/28/11: Don't worry, only ONE week of these... DocGeek sent us pencils so there's only a week of these.
Zealous 11/28/11: Thanksgiving break is over, now we continue with comics. AND specifically the quick week's worth of comics to vaguely explain that long absence earlier this year. Huzzah.

Zealous's idea of Satyr's inner man includes delicious chocolate icecream landscapes.

Saytr 11/21/11: I am NOT a tiny Asian Grandpa... despite the fact that I at the time of drawing this comic (a couple months ago) I had this fish, the teapot, the robe, the bonsai AND the bonsai pot.
Zealous 11/21/11: Some serious updates here to the site, first I've updated the side bar links and made them a little more animated-gif-equals-cool better. And also a project wonderful banner! Here's hoping we can get some ad revenue... Also a donate link! More details are available through the link but basically donations do net rewards... So take a gander, if you like what we're doing.

Packages coming to the Satyr household are often claimed in this way.
You've got a purty... oh, nevermind.

Saytr 11/18/11: I'm not sure when that happened exactly... maybe I just got tired of drawing a scowl.
Zealous 11/18/11: Double update today, to get us to "current" land faster. Slight chrono-dysphoria though with the roommates in this one but eh, whatcha gunna do?

My chest guard has BREAST INDENTS for crying out loud.

Saytr 11/16/11: I'm not genderqueer, I'm just badly dressed.
Zealous 11/16/11: More current! There will be one more black&white update on Friday.  Next week will be some flashback= comics to when we weren't updating as explanation (remember those dark days?) and then we'll have roommate comics!

And the marimo ball imported from Japan no less.

Saytr 11/14/11: I'm not JUST sewing ANY moss to the rocks in my aquarium...
Zealous 11/14/11: Working through the backlog of comics, I should get to the current ones soon.

Genero-Entertainment System controlers or grey lumps of biscuit? You decide.

Saytr 11/11/11: He needs to get himself a lady bear..!
Zealous 11/11/11: HEY eleven eleven eleven! Also, I'm working on getting some project wonderful ads up in here so we can maaaaaybe get some ad revenue... I'd like to be able to keep this website AND eat. Would a Paypal donation link be too ostentatious?