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Tranny Lesbian, Extra Points.

Saytr 11/09/11: Actually it's probably his mom.
Zealous 11/09/11: Brother- Bear, cousin- gazella, me- llama... no don't ask about the genetics it doesn't make any sense at all.

Well I have a prostate, so THERE.

Saytr 11/07/11: Art brain is arting and not word making for blog posting.
Zealous 11/07/11: You're just jealous of my Unicorn Mug.

You need to call me by my Transexxual name, Mistress Sunstrider Sparkle Princess Rainbow Butt.

Saytr 11/04/11: The Sparkles are artistic liscense, but it is just that gay.
Zealous 11/04/11: Rainbow mane was added for full effect, but it's actually more understated... except for all of the flowers and meadows and leaves and what not and UNICORN. Also it's a boy unicorn. :D

What did you eat that was pink?!

Saytr 11/02/11: True Story.
Zealous 11/02/11: I THINK, I've got this uploading thing going again... er... By the way we have no power.  I've updated more regularly since we lost power than in the LAST 2 MONTHS.

Na Naaa Na na na na na na-na-na-nana Naaaaa

Saytr 10/31/11: Old comic is old la la la la We no longer have marimo, but the goldfish took care of them. I like marimo, but unfortunately the goldfish do too. :(

The newest in a line of Waffletop Floaty Computing.

Saytr 9/20/11: When was the last time you updated the website?
Zealous 9/20/11: Website? ... Oh Ffffuuuuuuu. UM OKAY YEA HEY WEbSITE IT SURE IS UPDATES HO BOY HOWDY

Pata pata pata pon

Saytr 08/15/11: Look at all of those happy chickapons, and catapons, and dogipon, and bearapons and lezipons and...
Zealous 08/15/11: STOP SAYING PON

The Satyr holds the most useful device we have ever purchased.

Saytr 08/10/11: Old art is nearly a year old.
Zealous 08/10/11: Acquired using a pile of gift money from a generous Christmas gift giver. We are eternally grateful. :D

AWwww Wookit those kyoot widdle ears.

Saytr 08/03/11: ((No Blog Yet))
Zealous 08/03/11: I like how the ears came out. I actually decided to do some shading this time..!

The Satyr gives the Llama flowers and demands payment.

Saytr 07/29/11: This was originally drawn last year... And NOW most of the garden is lavender!
Zealous 07/29/11: Married 4 years, today. ;3