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Sshh... You'll throw off how freaking zen this is.

Saytr 07/27/11: Those rocks aren't glued together by the way.
Zealous 07/27/11: You know you like those delicious cheese rocks.

Cry louder.

Saytr 07/25/11: All unattended teacups belong to the Satyr.
Zealous 07/25/11: I should have known what I was getting into when she suggested I purchase that particular cup.

Genuine Waffletop courtesy of Breakfast Technologies a subsidery of Aunt Jemima Industries.

Saytr 07/22/11: As far as Satyr is concerned, all of the internet belongs to Zealous... and she can HAVE it.
Zealous 07/22/11: Unbearable heat and shoddy internet service not withstanding, somehow we are closing in on 300 comics. :O

One man's magic is another man's dinner.

Saytr 07/08/11: True Story.
Zealous 07/08/11: Cardinal feathers are so weird, only the tips are actually red and the rest is all grey... but that's not a very interesting thing to colour. XD

The Harpy is teasing the Satyr about her illicit botany.

Saytr 06/30/11: This one is a little older, but is EXACTLY TRUE TO LIFE. :I
Zealous 06/30/11: I really like the colouring on this one. Nothing really else to say, I just really like it. Also, spotty updates are spotty.

I'm not sure how the llama's leg is bending like that either.

Saytr 06/20/11: I'm not really sure what position they're doing.
Zealous 06/20/11: I didn't consider this before but, this comic could easily be a continuation of the previous 2. XD

The Satyr is concerned about her views due to having a less murry purry co-star.

Saytr 06/15/11: (Too Busy Working to Blog)
Zealous 06/15/11:

Beginning our glorious return with a joke at the expense of our readers. Go us.

Saytr 06/13/11: (Too Busy Working to Blog)
Zealous 06/13/11: True Facts.

The Satyr suddenly realizes that her hair is surprisingly vertical.

Saytr 05/18/11: Onion bra is oniony.
Zealous 05/18/11: I made you a background but I eated it. :3c<

The fox is unlikely to argue with this kind of proposition.

Saytr 05/16/11: This comic is old news. I have given in to the dark side and now actually own an "active fleece"... But to be fair it is RASPBERRY colored. :D
Zealous 05/16/11: In recompense for the lack of updates recently, this week will have double updates with an extra DnD nerdery comic. ;3