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Cotton, if you were curious.
Berzerkers do not stealth.
Hint: They might both have them.
Offscreen: The rest of the giant golem the Collie's rapier is stuck in.
Hint: The Lady has secrets

Saytr 05/15/11: Roomies games are the best games.
Zealous 05/15/11: DnD comics! Have a bundle! I ran a 2nd edition DnD game with our roomies and it went rather swimmingly.

Snaggle fang instead of the buckteeth but pretty similar all the same.

Saytr 5/06/11: I recently started reading Penny Arcade and realized how true this was. .!
Zealous 05/06/11: If I really wanted to emulate his style I would have tighted up all of the outlines significantly and draped the lines more fluidly. So, pretend I'm biting on his style from about 5 years ago.

Why yes, it is still Winter in New England. Than you for asking.

Saytr 05/04/11: It snowed in APRIL. D:
Zealous 05/04/11: And we're BACK! There was a pile of unfinished business waiting for us when we came back but we're back into the swing now. Thanks for sticking around!

The Level of nudity is directly proportional to the level of drunk.

Saytr 04/20/11: Proven fact, Dandelion wine removes clothing.
Zealous 04/20/11: Yup, Still updating. Old art is Old, this is from last year.

Nonexistant second panel: moles eating the bulbs and us not caring.

Saytr 04/18/11: THERE. Bulbs PLANTED. GODDAMNIT.
Zealous 04/18/11: Yay okay its spring now, it can stop snowing anytime.Also, it sure did take us like 4 weeks to plant those bulbs... yup... that's what we were doing for 4 weeks and not updating... Mmm Hmm.

What? You wanna go? I'll go right here. Let me just finish this row...

Saytr 03/11/11: There are many regretably coloured crocheted bags around the house now. CURRENTLY a rainbow coloured one is in the works!
Zealous 03/11/11: I'm very happywith this one. Honestly. Also, that one is MY bag! :D

The background is representative of despair, emptiness and... a lazy colorist.

Saytr 03/09/11: Ennui.
Zealous 03/09/11: Don't worry folks tomorrows is better. Sorry 'bout the late update but real life keeps happening all over the place up in here. PS I get better at texturing that sweater.

Missing panel, sunglasses descending from the sky. Deal with it.

Saytr 03/07/11: (No blog post, too busy being a badass)
Zealous 03/07/11: FFFFFFffff that sweater was giving me a hard time so I decided that texturing it could just go take a long walk off a short pier. D:

What colour is that rug? Utter chaos.

Saytr 03/04/11: DUDE it is TOTALLY our living room! And yes, we really do have that rug...

The unasked question? We may never know.

Saytr 03/02/11: Fair is fair, I answer in colors when Zealous asks me questions when I am ARTING.
Zealous 03/02/11: It wasn't easy to find a genuine waffletop computer, but the payoff was of so sweet.