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The fox and satyr discuss illnesses and plague and children.

Saytr 02/28/11: The Satyr was not so lucky...
Zealous 02/28/11: She also failed to mention the WARTS because NEITHER one of missed THAT magical time.

That's a nice drawing of a broccoli there.

Saytr 02/23/11: Just because I'm always there when YOU pee...
Zealous 02/23/11: Her tattoos came out a little weird, but otherwise I'm mostly okay with this.

Big Baby is Big, for serious.

Saytr 02/21/11: That baby was REALLY big, but the daddy was equally big so it all evens out. We would put em in the toddler chair and all stand around and say, "WOW that baby is big".
Zealous 02/21/11: Dang ya'll these babies is HUGE! :O

Sand not to be confused with butterscotch pudding.

Saytr 02/20/11: Fortunately I had my mouth closed... I wish I could say the same for my mouth.
Zealous 02/20/11: Yup, that sure is sand alright. You know you like that sand.

The jellybean children are disgusted.

Saytr 02/16/11: Eating is not a spectator sport. My parents used to tell me that LIFE is not a spectator sport.
Zealous 02/16/11: Sorry about the lack of Monday update, I was going absolutely insane in my preparations for a unemployment hearing... but I won! So you'll get an extra comic as penance either today or Monday.

The box art on the biskits is actually serving instructions.

Saytr 02/11/11: Clearly the directions on the box are: "put this in baby".
Zealous 02/11/11: I always have to remind myself to do her tattoos... Also those organic teething biscuits are really quite good. :O


Saytr 02/09/11: I didn't make this up, Nor did I make up that shirt.
Zealous 02/09/11: I forgot to put a background, and then I never saved it as the right file format to go back and fix it. D: I also don't feel very good about it and cut myself off early. Feel all cold and tired all of a sudden.

Furry Babies and children are cute to a criminally excessive level.

Saytr 02/07/11: GREAT, it's sleeping... that only took 6 HOURS.
Zealous 02/07/11: Continuing my background experiments. Hopefully I can also update the Satyr's artpage soon... in addition to my own.

The better question here is where Mimi got Frankenstein's monster.

Saytr 02/04/11: I get by with a little help from my friends~
Zealous 02/04/11: Some delays, but things are in a bit of flux. I will ensure each week always updates three times however, you can be sure of that.

Tanuki toddler headgear is standard for furry daycare.

Saytr 02/02/11: A speech impediment is cute except for the mother that has to pay for speech therapy.
Zealous 02/02/11: You know you like that background. Get ready for a month of Day Care related comics! Some of them are older than others~