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The Satyr doesn't like actually having market and price her work on any level.

Saytr 01/28/11: I get by with a little help from my friends~
Zealous 01/28/11: ARGH I thought this had already updated UGH I hate being late.

How is babby formed?

Saytr 01/26/11: Cute baby is cute.
Zealous 01/26/11: Ugh don't kiss it, it's made of sperm.

WOW, that was fast.

Saytr 01/24/11: We did not make that ugly baby outfit up. It exists in reality and baby in question owns it.
Zealous 01/24/11: The baby is clearly marked for your convenience. Playing with shading, although I clearly lost patience somewhere along the line when I realized it was 9:00PM and I had to get up at 5:00AM. XD

Infants can fence right?... Man how long do we have to wait...

Saytr 01/21/11: It struck us as odd the other day that the ENTIRE TIME we had know her she was pregnant. So it's funny to see her, not pregnant.
Zealous 01/21/11: Colette, the wife of one of our fencing coaches, was oddly mellow about the whole pregnancy thing... Considering she was making a person. That will eventually wield a sword and run and around and poke people. That idea is really weird for me still. :O

The Satyr is impressed with the Husky's ability to reproduce.

Saytr 01/19/11: I haven't figured out yet if pregnancy is really gross or really cool...
Zealous 01/19/11: A strip depicting one of the fencing ladies that we had initially met while she was pregnant...

This can be especially dangerous on Garlic And Shellfish night.

Saytr 01/17/11: And then for the next two weeks your helmet smells like garlic. :(
Zealous 01/17/11: Quick comic, this will start a series of fencing related comics...

Don't listen to that Mother-in-Law-tongue, she lies.

Saytr 01/14/11: Old comic is old. Also, thanks to a few harsh winters I don't have that many house plants any more...
Zealous 01/14/11: I enjoy colouring the older comics because I generally have more freedom to clean them up and embellish the details. This generally always includes making the Satyr's hair shorter and spiky-er. XD

The Satyr discovers that a crewcut has disadvantages.

Saytr 01/12/11: Cold head is cold... :(
Zealous 01/12/11: Trying to improve my colouring slowly. There's some shadow going on, but just a little bit.

Girls that do girls like they're boys that like girls that like boys...

Saytr 01/10/11: The lesbian lumberjack shirt makes yet another appearance... We promise we did not actually make that shirt up. It does exist IRL. XD
Zealous 01/10/11: I sort of accidently painted the ruffio mohawk like it was growing out, but I suppose that's appropriate since this comic is ... pretty old now. XD

Fuzzy Robe is fuzzy.

Saytr 01/07/11: Problem solved, NEW HEATER!
Zealous 01/07/11:This is actually a VERY OLD comic that I cleaned up painted all fancified.