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Early signs of New Yorker Syndrome.

Saytr 01/05/11: She told me this over the phone, and I laughed so hard! XD
Zealous 01/05/11: Yellow comic book style narration box strikes again.

;D for grownups not to be confused with Adult DnD, the one you buy in black plastic.

Saytr 01/03/11: Poor Glaive! :(
Zealous 01/03/11: We continue with the sadness that is a gamer with no one to game with...

New York has two seasons, hot-urine-scented-summer and eye-stinging-grey-snow-winter.

Saytr 12/31/10: Poor Missa. :(
Zealous 12/31/10: Happy New Year! Expect the comic to actually update on time in the future, as it is one of my New Year's Resolutions..! OH also by way of explanation, the people Glaive and Missa are based on moved to New York a few months ago and they have a few complaints about that situation. Expect more comics in the future regarding this.

That sure is an athletic cup. Yup.

Saytr 12/29/10: I need an adult!
Zealous 12/29/10: The fencers started to wear cups more often when we started coming.

Signs include short spikey hair, carhartt gear and ample gym time.

Saytr 12/27/10: Younger Satyr's boobs are not drawn to scale. Younger Satyr's boobs were much larger than in this portrayel.
Zealous 12/27/10: Do you like that Comic book style box? You know you do. PS: Bram Stoker's Dracula was awesome and just as much fun to watch as Nosferatu. But in a sexier steamier way. :D


Saytr 12/24/10: Tree not drawn to actual scale.
Zealous 12/24/10: I like to imagine the chibi Zealous just screaming and flailing her arms around with candy canes and hot chocolate. Since basically, that's really what the season boils down for me. XD

Because buying ANOTHER extension cord would just be silly.

Saytr 12/22/10: The only real drawback to a vibrator that plugs into the wall. XD
Zealous 12/22/10: Sometimes, the Cristmas tree loses this particular battle.

Red dots on a green circle make a wreath right?

Saytr 12/20/10: Not being from a Christan family, this is the conclusion I came to as a young child... that all Christmas Decorations belong to me!
Zealous 12/20/10: We've set up the Saytr candles and prepared the Saytr cake, now we must sing the traditional Saytr carols...

This is what you find under the word Glomp in the dictionary.

Saytr 12/17/10: My sister draws me so cool... and also, it should be noted that she's at least 6 inches taller than me in real life. And I don't have enough ass to fill her bra. XD
Zealous 12/17/10: So did she leap out of the water or just propel herself with SQUUEEEE power?

Pfft Genetics whatever, they're not the boss of me.

Saytr 12/15/10: My sister did this one after our summer adventure in Florida. My brother looks angry because he does not want to be a Saytr he wants to be a dragon. And I said tough shit because you're too much like me to not be a Satyr.
Zealous 12/15/10: The mermaid sister is being held aloft by the power of art.