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The albino doe trades a Personal Massaging Device for pottery, this is a GOOD TRADE.

Saytr 12/13/10: Guest comic done by my BABY sister... not sure how often I'll be featuring her stuff because it's better than mine. ;p
Zealous 12/13/10: I like that Lecherous grin on Decolour's face there..! This week is going to be a guest comic week! Featuring the Satyr's sister's artwork, yay less work for me! :D

Now imagine this with It Just Might be a Lunatic You're Looking For playing in the background.

Saytr 11/21/10: By the time Glaive and Missa came over there WAS no beard left... heh heh...
Zealous 11/21/10: I think it looks really good flat coloured like that, er, it is supposed to be pinstriped but I did't have that kind of time. XD

She also does bonsai and spend a great deal of time working on house improvements...

Saytr 10/28/10: You know you're a child of the 80's when this happens.
Zealous 10/28/10: No shading, Zealous says she is going to do flat colours for awhile.

Considering fireflies light up when she tells them to, this is an unfair comparison.

Saytr 10/25/10: Man I'm really out of practice with drawing guys!!
Zealous 10/25/10: Getting used to my new tablet still. But compare this to the last time these two characters were in the comic and you can get an idea of the significant improvement.

Line thickness? We don't need no stinking line thickness.

Saytr 10/21/10: Calm Zealous also has a tablet, thanks to Decolour!
Zealous 10/21/10: Guess who has a tablet..? :D :D :D :D The best houseguests in the world gave us a tablet and now Zealous can colour and doodle digitally to heart's content!

The hardest addiction to break of them all.

Saytr 10/06/10: I already possess every legal vice anyway.
Zealous 10/06/10: Hello, my name is Zealous and I am addicted to food. I eat almost 3 times a day most days. I just can't respect myself... XD

And many highly inebriated nights followed.

Saytr 10/04/10: The fact that it was accidental does not make it any less AWESOME.
Zealous 10/04/10: I spent a lot of afternoons with that sake, it was a great comfort to mmmeeee~

The Satyr commits Hippy Heresy.

Saytr 09/22/10: Unrefined raw sugar cubes..! Man I worked there for 2 years and they had just noticed before I left...
Zealous 09/22/10: Sugar... IN THE RAAAAAAAW :O ... Wait did I not update on Monday? GAH!

The Fox is forbidden from touching the Satyr's tea mug due to previous incidents

Saytr 09/15/10: The tea oxidation makes it taste better..!
Zealous 09/15/10: Things seem to break around me... but that's probably because I just wash so many dishes, law of averages or some such.

That travel mug is actually much more awesome then this colouring job potrays.

Saytr 09/13/10: Those are totally little boy sunglasses but they are still badass none-the-less!
Zealous 09/13/10: See Friday's comic for more setup to this. I'm not allowed to washed her teacup or her travel mugs... It's for my own good really. And everyone else's.