Zealous Current:Archives are being made available a little bit at a time.

Tiny Zealous is driving her car vroom vroom.

Saytr 09/10/10: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz...
Zealous 09/10/10: I'm just so tired in the morning I rarely ever do much thinking... And generally mugs meet there end with a leap off faith off of my hood. Luckily I've recently made a morning routinue to get around this habit of mine.

I'll have you know I am a Magnakai Grand Master Superior, and I hold the Summer Sword High.

Saytr 09/08/10: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz...
Zealous 09/08/10: I read A LOT of Lone Wolf books when I was little. I still fantasize about writing my own "Choose your own adventure" book some day. I liked the Grey Fox books the best actually.

Saucey attachments not pictured.

Saytr 09/06/10: Being a pervert and getting a hitachi is like being a jedi can finally getting your light saber
Zealous 09/06/10: So busy so busy so busy that massager is the best massager in the world also the archives will be up eventually when I actually have FIVE SECONDS to rub together... hehe rub.

She won't be happy until she is in full scorpion pose.

Saytr 09/01/10: Because it takes real thighs and biceps to do Urdhva Dhanurasana Camatkarasana pose.
Zealous 09/01/10: I'm so jealous..! But at least I can do Full Lotus. Hehe. Still working on the Archive. The forum is also down it would appear... hmm... No big loss there I suppose. I'll set it back up again soon though.

She really justs likes Alfred Jones from Hetalia if you were wondering.

Saytr 08/30/10: My sister has also drawn a few comics too! Those will be featured as guest comics in not too long. I have a few more family related comics as I just recently was able to see them all for the first time in 5 years!
Zealous 08/30/10: Thank you for hanging with us while we overhaul everything! The Archive is still down but I hope to have that up in short order. Once it is up, it will finally have all of the appropriate blog posts to go with the comic! FINALLY That albatross off my neck.

Alternate punchline, which way to the gunshow?

Saytr 08/25/10: *No blog post available*
Zealous 08/25/10: I haven't figured out if it's an attractive guy or not..

A Modest Proposal.

Saytr 08/09/10: Considering this is not actually unusual, it's really all in the delivery...
Zealous 08/09/10: The fact that this is normal for Zealous does not make it any less special for Satyr...

Filmed live before a studio audience.

Saytr 07/26/10: Inevitable with all of the alcohol and it being so late at night really...
Zealous 07/26/10: It was a nice bum though so we didn't mind too much...

Eternal Truth.

Saytr 07/21/10: I don't want to work, I just want to play with clay all day!
Zealous 07/21/10: The Satyr espouses a thought I share.

When you start dipping one in the other, you know it's all over.

Saytr 07/19/10: Enough vodka and you don't care what's for dinner!
Zealous 07/19/10: If you're wondering, the vodka is red because it's mixed with raspberry syrup... Drinking vodka straight is precursor to some more serious problems.