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Saytr 07/14/10: That fencing foil was smokin a cigarette after that one.
Zealous 07/14/10: We had to stop once because she got me SO good I fell over in pain... but I was laughing the whole time, because... how can you not?

The coat is also light gray, is anyone surprised?

Saytr 07/12/10: Moral Dilemma!
Zealous 07/12/10: I Love that coat... I also love the Satyr when she dresses like that to do pottery.


Saytr 07/09/10: It's a NICE bonsai.
Zealous 07/09/10: Er, sorry about the absence there... We were quite busy with a trip and meeting the Satyr's family and being crazy every day! I have a couple more comics coloured so we're back on track already, no worries!

You Know it. Unff unff.

Saytr 07/08/10: AND WE DO!
Zealous 07/08/10: IT'S SO TRUE!

The Bunny had to go on testosterone to do what the Satyr's genetics do naturally.

Saytr 06/21/10: Those not up on their transexual lingo, T means testosterone.
Zealous 06/21/10: RU FI OOOOO~

The Satyr is compared to a Cartoon Villain, how fitting!

Saytr 06/18/10: Again, why with the Bathing suitbottom..? She never wears pants!
Zealous 06/18/10: Another good question is why she's lounging in her bathing suit in the first place.

The Deer is unwilling to divulge a gender unless you ask more nicely.

Saytr 06/16/10: And I'M not telling!
Zealous 06/16/10: Last seen back in 03/18 I believe! The Sky is herein immortalized with the plaid flannel shirt of legends.

100% Organic too.

Saytr 06/14/10: TACTLESS but there you have it.
Zealous 06/14/10: I try not to think about it too much.

The Fox is unsure of which well padded agressors with a sword is her wife.

Saytr 06/12/10: I'd like to say I'm the one winning. But since that doesn't happen very often, I'm the one hitting crotches.
Zealous 06/12/10: Generally speaking everyone at Fencing is super tall, so it's actually not toooooo difficult.

Probably Nerdy in a really cool way.

Saytr 06/09/10: Cool enough to wear on the OUTSIDE of your uniform!
Zealous 06/09/10: I want to spray mine silver and wear it with my Renaissance Faire Gear.