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And we're only wearing the bare minimum armor.

Saytr 06/07/10: White cotton padding is not very becoming...
Zealous 06/07/10: The bleached kind, otherwise our gear would be utterly filthy.

Hugh the Griffin reconsiders his life's choices up until now.

Saytr 06/02/10: It's happened twice actually!
Zealous 06/02/10: We've technically broken our swords three times though. Only two of those ended up with the sword in the helmet however. PS: The Head Fencing coach of our academy makes his first appearance.

Green Tea is the true path to the Satyr's heart.

Saytr 05/31/10: This comic is in honor of Brother Bear who gave me way more tea than I deserved for Christmas and my Birthday. Green tea makes me happy! Thank you Brother Beeeaaaaar!
Zealous 05/31/10: I like the tea cup and everything above her knees. I sort of... just didn't know what to do with the bottom half of her legs so I just didn't really bother with it much. Considering the level of procrastination that went into this, I think it was best just to finish the darn thing. YAY green tea!

The Fox's bruises were not meant to be seen in mixed company.

Saytr 05/29/10: The obvious skid and sword tip marks are my personal favorite...
Zealous 05/29/10: I coloured this one myseeeeeeeelf. We both have these bruises actually, but it's more noticeable on the Satyr because she wears less clothing on regular basis.

Money, that's what I want, Money, it's what we ain't got, 'cept freedom, freedom, freedom.

Saytr 05/07/10: I think my wife's checkbook gets more attention then me...
Zealous 05/07/10: Quickie animation because it was a simple comic!

Gag reflex, what gag reflex? Or; The bisexual Fox and Satyr chat about the Bear.

Saytr 05/05/10: Oh yeeaaa straight guys have a gag reflexive. I have to remind myself of this, them being the minority of the men I know...
Zealous 05/05/10: The Satyr did the colouring for this one by way of telling me how to do it in the future to improve the overall quality without me taking over an hour to do it. Obsessive people don't make the best artists unfortunately...

Cheesecake, it's what's for dinner.

Saytr 04/28/10: Mmm Cheesecake...
Zealous 04/28/10: Bear with us as the scanner is dieing and I've been getting used to colouring them and I don't have an art degree like the Satyr and it is kind of frustrating because I tend to do them when I'm tired and vaguely annoyed about something previos in the day and blah blah cheesecake nomnomnomnom

Oh, then that's okay. Obviously.

Saytr 04/26/10: Satyr's are overly fond of gigantic twig arrangements.
Zealous 04/26/10: Er, so yea, I coloured it this time and yea so I didn't want to spend forever on it like certain other pictures I've done and I think this looks okay for something I did in about an hour... Ugh did it really take me an hour?

The Bear pokes the Satyr bruises.

Saytr 04/21/10: Ouch.
Zealous 04/21/10: Why? It must be something about human nature.