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The Satyr pines for the super future where there are food pills.

Saytr 04/19/10: Sometimes I mix protein powder and peanut butter in a bowl and eat it... ...
Zealous 04/19/10: She eats a very interesting combination of health foods that together look like...! a pile of gravel actually.

Not pictured: dirt and moss being sterilized in the oven.

Saytr 04/16/10: Someday I will have a Potting Shed...
Zealous 04/16/10: Someday I will have my Spice rack back.

This is dangerously unsexy.

Saytr 04/12/10: *Insert Witty Remark Here*
Zealous 04/12/10: Ew.

How can you wear it and not want to paint breasts on it? Really.

Saytr 04/05/10: On principle I refuse to wear a men's breastplate... even if I can't fill the smallest female one.
Zealous 04/05/10: It's really rather absurd actually, and I personally just think it's so they can identify which ones are the girls once the helmets are on.

The Satyr and the Groundhog have inappropriate feelings for Lady Gaga.

Saytr 03/28/10: Lady Gaga is our hero the end.
Zealous 03/28/10: I need to get off my butt and set it up so that these update/commentaries appear on the appropriate pages with each comic. I have also updated the Links page and finally fixed the Sabrous link. That was only about a year old error on my part. Bah!

This from the girl that used to have have long purple hair and host elvish tea parties.

Saytr 03/20/10: Old Art is Old. But the Statement is still valid.
Zealous 03/20/10: Another Lobby Girl appears... I'll have to make a page for them when I get the chance. This one was from last year... we might be a little behind.

Yes, the Fox's face is quite squished, but you draw a fencing mask on a muzzle.

Saytr 03/18/10: The only time it's okay to give your spouse bruises.
Zealous 03/18/10: The outcome of this fight depends on how tired the Fox is and how quick the Satyr is with her crazy long lunge.

People who do fencing tend to be tall and heraldic.

Saytr 02/27/10: Apparently it is a rule in the fencing academy that to enroll you must be Male and at least 1 foot taller then the Satyr.
Zealous 02/27/10: The men folk at fencing are TALL.

Large bruises in on the chest and face are not very sexy either.

Saytr 02/24/10: It's sort of like a white padded burka.
Zealous 02/24/10: Also I think fencing gear is pretty sexy... But I suppose I'm a bit odd.

Heat in our house is a bit of catch as cat can.

Saytr 02/21/10: It would be funny except that they actually do this...
Zealous 02/21/10: Cat on head!