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The Satyr is too sexy for logic.

Saytr 02/16/10: Happy Valentines from pants-less Satyr!
Zealous 02/16/10: Although the Satyr has worn swimsuit bottoms on occasion... I don't understand it either, don't think too hard about it. Happy Valentines!

The Fox is not jealous of those apples, her tangerines are just fine.

Saytr 02/12/10: I plead the 5th!
Zealous 02/12/10: This is also our 200 comic! I... I don't know exactly how that happened really. I'm really rather floored by it! We just keep puttering along! Yay! Here's to another 200!

The Satyr is good at lateral thinking.

Saytr 02/10/10: We brought over fancy German Carmalized Sugar!
Zealous 02/10/10: AND classy Organic Free Trade Coffee!

The Satyr and the Groundhog discuss comfort levels.

Saytr 02/06/10: Gross but true!
Zealous 02/06/10: We're very classy people as you can tell.

The Satyr is unable to warm her hands despite earnest attempts.

Saytr 02/04/10: Cold crotch is cold.
Zealous 02/04/10: I still do this, even though I just end up with cold bits.

The Satyr has opinions about her bosom.

Saytr 02/02/10: Censored for the sake of realism, to protect the identities of those involved, and to not traumatize family members. (Originally this comic went up censored but when Zelly rebuilt the Archives we decided MEH)
Zealous 02/02/10: The Satyr is exagerating, don't believe her.

The Fox is disturbed by her own calcified mucus.

Saytr 01/24/10: Occasionally in the dark of the night I step on something and it crunches... and I shiver to myself....
Zealous 01/24/10: Hankerchiefs are better in almost every respect from normal tissues. This is the one way they are not.

Catastrophic Pants Malfunction.

Saytr 01/17/10: I did my best impression of a bowling ball!
Zealous 01/17/10: Me and crotch seams have a serious feud going on, it's part of the reason why I don't wear pants anymore. The other reason being that I can't fit them without lots of belts...

Not pictured here is Zealous and Glaive playing warhammer with teacups and rocks for soldiers.

Saytr 01/13/10: I love you heater vent, you're the only one that understands meeeee~
Zealous 01/13/10: That heater vent has been privy to many a butt, and seen up quite a lot of skirts.

The Alt text is unsure of how to respond.

Saytr 01/10/10: None of my social/professional training has prepared me for a polite reply to this ghastly sad statement.........
Zealous 01/10/10: To be fair, I probably still have a copy of Pokemon Red with pokemon from my best friend from Grade school that I don't talk to anymore... ...