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Strip games wouldn't take too long with our characters when you think about it.

Saytr 01/05/10: We promised not to talk about it... we've been sworn to secrecy!
Zealous 01/05/10: I'm pretty sure I couldn't run faster then Glaive if the need came about~

The Satyr is not as complicated as the fox thinks.

Saytr 12/31/09: The best gifts can't be bought... at least not within OUR budget... ...
Zealous 12/31/09: Sometimes it really isn't very complicated.

You have all the tender sweetness, Of a seasick crocodile...

Saytr 12/27/09: Merry Christmas and pray that I don't send you hot chocolate!
Zealous 12/27/09: Happy Holidays, beware Satyrs bearing hot chocolate!

The Satyr and the Fox poison themselves with hot chocolate.

Saytr 12/25/09: This is what happens when you use milk powder you found in your dead grandmother the pathological hoarder's basement.
Zealous 12/25/09: Betcha didn't see that coming didya? Man let me tell you, it's ALMOST worth the gastrointestinal calamity it causes. Almost.

If only more family recipes involved copious amounts of chocolate.

Saytr 12/24/09: I don't actually have an apron that says "Danger Satyr Cooking" but, I do have an apron that has a life size nude women's torso on it!
Zealous 12/24/09: It's the beginning of Christmas adventure! Yay! Also, it really was good.

The Fox is ill and the Satyr's libido is not pleased with this.

Saytr 12/21/09: The worst part about being sick that I feel very hard done by and bored.
Zealous 12/21/09: The Satyr does not take such continued illness very well.

It does this whenever it's told.

Saytr 12/15/09: Of course, it is now far too nipply for such artistic shenanigans. Now of course I wear a massive lumpy red sweater which lives unceremoniously crumbled on the floor beside the potters wheel when not being worn. It crunches when I put it on the next day.
Zealous 12/15/09: I generally scan these in small piles all at once, then actually adjust them to the correct size and upload them after updating the website, archives and Stuff pages all manually. In case anyone was curious.

We're not doing a good job of dispelling lesbian stereotypes are we?

Saytr 12/09/09: I feel so hard done by for having my tea making curbed at work.
Zealous 12/09/09: This was a time BEFORE BLOG UPDATES :O :O

We need tea to live, it is a work place hazard.

Saytr 12/05/09: You don't understand without tea I will DIIiiiieieeeeeee
Zealous 12/05/09: This was a time BEFORE BLOG UPDATES :O :O

The Satyr is tired of the Fox being bedridden.

Saytr 12/02/09: It's be a whole day already come ooooooon
Zealous 12/02/09: It doesn't actually stop her as often as you'd think.