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The otter is not shackled by her hair.

Saytr 07/09/09: ... Shell is now a be-dred-locked otter... and Satyr has very supple palms from 5 hours of rolling wax into her hair to make it dred!.
Zealous 07/09/09: And Shell the Otter appears! The Satyr's good friend from college and tattoo artist as well. From what I understand, she is quite painted herself. I believe the session this year was 8 hours?

The otter is the Satyr's tattoo artist with whom she exchanges favors.

Saytr 07/04/09: Shell's beautiful henna-patterned tattoos are a labor of love, especially since Satyr works a good lot in the sun and outdoors, requiring a lot of line touch-up. (Nothing short of every tat artist's nightmare)
Zealous 07/04/09: Busy as ever! A wonderful weekend full of strawberries, raspberries and farmer's markets and delicious foods!

The red capped crane is having a wardrobe malfunction.

Saytr 07/01/09: Wait, why IS Glaive nekkid? Didn't he start out with a poloshirt?
Zealous 07/01/09: This was a time BEFORE BLOG UPDATES :O :O

The Fox finds The Satyr very Hard to resist.

Saytr 06/29/09: Heh heh yea, but not being a wasteful person we DID have copious (but very careful) luv for 6 hours after.
Zealous 06/29/09: Gonads or no gonads, that is an irresistable bum. Let me tell you. We're lucky I didn't pull or rip and stitches considering what we put it through when she got back.

The Satyr remembers a somewhat unsexy detail about tattoos.

Saytr 06/26/09: Yeah, they don't tell you at teh tat shops that your sexy new tatto will spend the next week shedding ink-scabs very grossly.
Zealous 06/26/09: Despite this fact, I would like to mention I could not keep my hands OFF of those tattoos. Thankfully she didn't mind so much... I mean, how can you not touch them? Ah... *Swoon*

The fox slurps her noodles, The Satyr is indignant.

Saytr 06/24/09: Add the noodle splatters to the dirty wet kitten foot prints and pencil shavings and its a well rounded mess alright!
Zealous 06/24/09: Nom nom, I love noodles. I especially love asian bean thread noodles. I prepare them with a boiled halved salted egg, a nori wrapped crab stick, some swirly pink fish cakes, tofu and LOADS of seaweed. However, I usually eat them alone as eating them in someone else's company can be a messy affair.

The Satyr is not a subtle creature.

Saytr 06/22/09: Saytr learned the art of courtship by reading lots of romance novels, she knows what her Lady likes...
Zealous 06/22/09: This is 100% taken from real life. As it, surprisingly often, tends to be! The bonbons were eaten, the flowers were enjoyed but the riding crop remains innocent...

The Fox has a naturally curly and beautiful tail while the Satyr is suspicious.

Saytr 06/19/09: Hello time traveler, there aren't any blog updates this far back tho.
Zealous 06/19/09: I've finally fixed the Archives up. All three of last weeks comics are now available. Normally I just shrug my shoulders and just update with them on a later schedule... but these need to be in order and in the correct place in the archives. They're a little more serious though equally ridiculous as you may expect from us. They don't go needless into the details and show the situation entirely from The Satyr's point of view. Which is for the best as if it was from MY point of view it would be mostly painkiller hazes, being in pain and somewhat lonely. Although there is silliness to be had, perhaps I'll make those comics some day.

The Fox has actually written a smutty poem about sex and candy.

Saytr 06/17/09: Hello time traveler, there aren't any blog updates this far back tho.
Zealous 06/17/09: This was a time BEFORE BLOG UPDATES :O :O

The Fox would like to be doing yoga, The Satyr wants to just stop vomitting.

Saytr 06/17/09: Hello time traveler, there aren't any blog updates this far back tho.
Zealous 06/17/09: This was a time BEFORE BLOG UPDATES :O :O