Hello! Either you navigated Previous buttons all the way back to the beginning or pressed the First Comic button at the front page but, either way here you are. This is the very first comic of Wench in the Gears before Wench in the Gears was even a thing! These comics were being drawn be the Saytr while she was living in Connecticut with her then fiance. This very first comic is based on the very first day that Zelly and Saytr started to chat as friends. Zelly was a friend of Saytr's fiance for a couple years and knew Saytr tangentially but this was the beginning of their real friendship.

Also, to say it simply, these comics are nearly 10 years old now so the style and quality is QUITE dated. These are basically journal comics we did for fun of the funny things that went on in our lives and rarely has any long term story arcs or panel to panel continuity. Keep that in mind and I hope you can enjoy them for at least their historical value.

Sometimes the fox still balks at this question.

Saytr 10/14/05: ~ ~ ~
Zealous 10/14/05: The very first comic. Saytr and I were sitting down together drawing in her apartment's living room while all of the guys played videogames and what not. She and I started talking because, honestly, this was the real beginning of my transition. Being trans made a little bit of friction between me and the dudes and I honestly wanted more lady friends. As it happened, Saytr had graduated college and moved across the country away from all of her friends and family so she had similar desires. I was sort of a anxious bitch at the time so I still marvel that we got along at all.